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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 15, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. there's now a view of frank ogawa plaza. the tents are again. there are several here to make sure it stays that way. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live on the uc
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berkeley campus. a strike has been called for today. occupy cal will be here. occupy oakland expected to join in. will it be any different than last week? the story coming up in a live report. good morning i'm mike nicco. clear sky now over san francisco fog getting thick in the north bay valleys along the coast update on rain for the weekend. sue hall following your tuesday morning commute. live look at 680 through walnut creek towards 24. moving at the limit. the rest of your commute in a couple of minutes. a lot going on 6:01 thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. this morning the tents are gone from occupy oakland's former encampment near city hall but the protesters are vowing to come back er. for the first time the financially -- strapped city is giving us a clearer look how much dealing with the protests has cost. amy hollyfield is live at frank ogawa plaza in oakland.
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>> reporter: there's talk they might reoccupy this last accident, maybe starting this saturday. today, take a look. for the first time in about a month you can see the entire plaza. the view is clear, no tents to block your sight. you can see all the way across it. police cleared it out about 24 hours ago. there were three people that spent the night here. they did not put up tents. they did stay to make a statement and they do want people to come back, they said. there were 10 police officers here all night to watch them to make sure the tent city did not form again. protester who are here say they thought that was a bit excessive. it does appear a lot of protesters have relocated to snow park. there is a crowd and looks like it has grown since police moved in on frank ogawa last zayed. the police chief has said they may move in -- in on know park event actually for now they
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are allowing the campers to stay. >> economic oppression is so incredibly really, really brutal in oakland. so if it takes people setting up tents to come together centralized for all of us to do something about it, it is up to the person whether they want to stay past 10 p.m.. >> reporter: police cleared if plaza out early yesterday. they made -- cleared frank ogawa plaza out early yesterday. occupy oakland has cost oakland 2.4 million dollars since it started. 1.1 million spent on the police. they are here this morning watching there's 10 making sure no one camps out. they are going to turn to patrol it and make sure tent city doesn't pop back up. there is talk maybe they will try to reoccupy it again. next steps includes taking over vacant buildings or
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relocating everyone over to snow park. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> as you can see the crowds may have thinned at occupy oakland, but we are told hundreds are headed for a different occupation today on the campus of uc berkeley where there will be a general strike. terry mcsweeney joins us live from sproul plaza. campus police have in the been playing around. >> reporter: they haven't to this point. occupy cal expected to be joined as you mentioned, by occupy oakland forces today. also a group called refund cal and a number of other groups coming together here. vowing to set up tents again. look at what happened last week when they sent up tends as part of the occupy cal. police moved in and tore the tents down immediately, arrested 40. there's a group called "by any means necessary" they've filed suit on behalf of some of those protesters again the police and university even though the university has
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granted amnesty to all 40 people arrested, no charges are going to be filed. protesters say they have to set up tents out here as a way of making a statement. even thee is what got the violence going last night. >> the encampment has a symbolic purpose. it is showing that you know, at least with the economic situation before literally forced on to the streets and denied the ability to erik some sort of -- to recollection some sort of makeshift residence. -- >> reporter: a lot of signs, not a lot of people things are supposed to get underway 10:00 this morning and go on all day. protesters say they will go to a high school and community college to get their message of the problem with education funding in the state of california going. on this day, as par of the mario savio lecture series,
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got the free speech -- movement going at uc berkeley in 1964, robert reich former labor secretary under the clinton administration is going to give a speech on the steps of sproul hall the topic is class warfare. we'll see how that works out later today. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> 6:06 now. uc of regents will reschedule this week's meetings because of credible intelligence of potential violence. regents were to meet at uc san francisco's mission bay campus tomorrow and thursday. the board says uc law enforcement officials told them rogue elements intent on violence and confrontation may be planning to attach themselves to peaceful demonstrations, expected at the meetings. california's legislative auditor scheduled to release new figures showing how far behind the state is in tax revenues and whether it will
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trigger automatic budget cuts. school administrators across california are on edge. districts stand to lose up to 1 1/2 billions in mid year funding trigger ed cuts built into the budget by the governor and legislature cuts go into effect unless tax revenues are four billion dollars above the current forecast. woman accused of breaking into a san francisco hotel room used by alex trebek is due back in court today. the 56-year-old is accused of breaking into the room last july and stealing $650 in cash, bracelet and items. we reported trebek says he tore his achilles tendon while trying to chase her. moyers has pleaded not guilty. 6:07. let's check in with mike. >> we thought were more foggy this morning than usual. >> i'm always foggy headed.
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>> there's definitely fog out there good news starting move and lift. we were down to a quarter mile visibility along 101 from santa rosa, novato now it is 3 and 2 1/2 mimes half moon bay down to a mile up to five. napa -- down to a mile visibility is now up to seven miles. it looks like yes it is starting to move thanks to a slight northerly wind which means hazy for the rest of us as it spills into our neighborhoods. high pressure dominating bringing us a chilly morning upper 30s north bay valleys, low 40s fairfield and livermore mid to upper 40s elsewhere mountain view and oakland 50. this afternoon, a lot of sunshine once again temperatures close to average from 60 half moon bay, 61 clear lake the rest of news the mid to upper 60s napa and santa rosa 67, 678. oakland around 66 same with concord san jose 64, 62
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monterey mid 60s for rest of the bay mid to upper 60s inland. almost a repeat tomorrow and then thursday we'll slightly cool those temperatures as clouds will be a little thicker chilly rain friday and chilly rain saturday night into sunday. good morning sue. good morning. 6:10. good looking tuesday morning commute. some of the popular drive times as we hop around the bay out of central valley 580 looking good towards the dublin interchange highway 4 no problems out of antioch towards pittsburg and concord. east shore freeway all the way to the maze from the carquinez bridge less than 20 minutes. public transit problem-free no issues ace on schedule out of stockton no problems with ac transit through oakland. toll plaza, metering lights off, traffic flowing well on the upper deck into
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san francisco. just about 6:10. >> treasure in the trash. still ahead, the discovery in a bay area storm unite has one man counting his lucky stars and may leave somebody else cursing. you know it is considered one of the bay area's worst commutes. now the chp is doing something big to make sure everything moves faster. big change coming to 101. how the u.s. could create a million new jobs almost instantly by doing something that one bay area city has been doing for years
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. u.s. could create more than a million new jobs by copying san francisco's recycling efforts. the city recycles or composts over 75% of its waste. 500 people have been hired to collect and sort the materials. duplicate the program across the country and the study shows a million and a half people will find employment. >> instead of sending it to a landfill, where few people work, you send it to a recycling plant where there is more jobs to a compost facility, also more jobs. >> despite job creation the study found 75% recycling rate nationwide could reduce emissions by 276 metric tons over the next 20 years.
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that's like shutting down 72 coal fired power plans. students, faculty and staff at. if state plan a rally today to defend quality public education. they say cuts have impacted the system. the cuts have sparked higher tuition, fewer classes as well as employee lay-offs. they could see another 9% tuition hike next year. instructors at san francisco state rallied half week for pay raises and to cull for a -- to call for a one day strike thursday for an $1100 longshot investment a san jose man is now half a million dollars richer. the man who only identifies self as , bought an abandoned unit storage facility. a search turned up a dusty old rubbermaid container that you expect to find nothing important inside they found
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gold and silver bars inside this one. the facility owner calls it the find of a lifetime. i would have called it that too, once i woke up after passing out. >> is there another one of those units? >> i know. >> i call that a show on another channel. >> yes, it -- [ talking over each other ] >> deems do come true. >> they do. >> a little dreamy in some places just a look at fog. look at this gold and it is free. [ laughing ] >> the golden color of our sunrise. i'm sorry i tried. we would all like to hit the lottery. that was wonderful, congratulations to them. congratulations to us if you like the warm weather outdoor activities the next couple of days maybe getting ready for the chilly rain slated for this weekend. beautiful picture from mount tamalpais southbound this morning a little hazy the
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fog not as thick as it was this time yesterday. updated the temperatures, still upper 30s in novato, santa rosa, 40 napa and livermore everybody else mid to upper 40s san francisco 50 around the monterey bay inland to salinas, 43, 44, gilroy 37. let's talk about sunshine and mild temperatures this afternoon. dry pattern holds through at least thursday. then chilly throughout the weekend with wet weather, two different storms bringing us a chance of rain friday, saturday and sunday. snow levels could be down to around 4,000 feet also which means hamilton may see a dusting. san jose four degrees cooler with that 64. redwood city 65 the same, 66 today in livermore, one degree warmer than yesterday, napa 67, oakland 66, sun comes up at 6:50 set at 4:58.
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pretty much the same on the peninsula, millbrae maybe around 63. upper 50s around pacifica and daly city near 60 along the coast low to mid 60s down -- downtown south san francisco. near 60 along beaches. mid 60s along the east bay shore slightly warmer mid to upper 60s into the east bay valley low to mid sick -- mid 60s monterey bay. 52 -- napa and cloverdale mid to upper 30s. area of high pressure drifting slowly to the east jet stream storm track remains well north through at least tomorrow. by thursday into friday look at this cold air out of siberia and alaska, headed our way that's why we may see a little snow sunday. friday morning the rain poll
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rolls into the north bay by 7:00, all neighborhoods during the afternoon and evening hours saturday during the day looks like mainly dry. saturday evening through sunday when the next stronger system comes in with heavier rain and snow possibly down to 4,000 feet. even without the rain it is still going to be chilly everyday this weekend highs 10° cooler than today in the mid 50s. from foster city towards san mateo, san mateo bridge towards hayward moving headlights headed in the eastbound direction towards hayward from the highrise looking good both directions taillights headed in the westbound towards foster city 280 san jose nice drive headed northbound traffic snaking from san jose towards cupertino past highway 17. accident to report in the concord pleasant hill area southbound 680 before brunette
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and concord you can see from the sensors not much slowing past the scene but blocking the right lane. 580 not a bad drive half an hour towards dublin pleasant ton 101 towards novato over 35 minutes, lone tree to 242 concord westbound 4, 15 minutes. will give you the latest. 6:20. our next story should bring a smile to the face of anyone who has ever drive vin highway 101 in marin during peak commute hours. new program just launched with a single goal of keeping traffic moving this is a live look at traffic on 101 in san rafael now headlights heading southbound clear is what the new plan is called. it means several officers will be assigned to do nothing except clear minor accidents economically during peak
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commute times. units will not have to -- have to investigate the accidents or write reports that will be done by other patrol units after the vehicles are off the road. 6:20 one. coming up, theó0 naked truth. how a california school district says one of nation's biggest former porn stars ended up reading to elementary kids. million dollar question asked in a million dollar location.
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a los angeles school district is wiping egg of its face trying to explain how a porn star ended up reading to first and third graders. she is on the hbo show entourage but used to work in the adult film industry. compton elementary said the visit was secured as part of the guest reader program. the 23-year-old says despite the hoopla she will continue working for education initiatives. talk about romantic. even if you don't normally watch who wants to be a millionaire, you have to today. a san francisco man will propose to his girlfriend. he said he was chatting with the host and all the cameras rushed towards lisa in the audience judging from the reaction you probably thought she say yes.
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as to how much he won, you have to watch the show this morning. he can already divide it by one half. >> the bibs and butter are ready. where is the crab? find out what is holding up the crab season. big fight in the big apple overnight decision sparked huge clash between police and protesters. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live at the uc berkeley campus where the focus will be locally for the occupy movement vowing to set up tends again. occupy oakland vowing to engine in last time they set up tents, -- police moved in. good news look at all the green across the lower 48, all major air s on time. yellow -- means -- any delays find out with our flight tracker, at the bottom.úúúúúúúúú@@úúúúúúúúúúúúúú
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:30. bell has already rung trading day way on wall street. consumers are spending more just in time for the holidays. commerce department says retail sales up for a fifth straight month. americans spent more on autos,
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electronics and building supplies in october. we'll go back live to the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes and see how the investors feel about all that. our top story, protesters vowing to reoccupy cal berkeley as part of a campus strike that can affect occupy oakland supporters. students, professors and employees will be protesting. terry mcsweeney is live on campus. protesters and police had a nasty confrontation there last week. >> reporter: yeah, i was bad last week. this time around there's a day long series of events. a number of different organizations coming to campus. occupy cal is vowing to once again set up tents on campus. that's what led police to do, well take a look at what they were doing last week when occupy cal was setting up tends, police moved in, tore down the tents arrested 40 people. even though the university of california has granted a.m.
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nexty to all of those arrested there is -- amnesty to after those arrested there is a group suing on behalf of those protester. talked to a protester today he says they expect a lot of stew s to join in, in the strike as well as professors, lots of them expected to join in. >> come around 10 or 11, various faculty are going to basically surround and peacefully link arms and shutdown the administration building. that will get a good feeling start to the day. >> reporter: regents scheduled to meet in san francisco tomorrow and thursday that has been cancelled due to threats of violence. today starts about 10:00, goes all day and on into the evening. this evening former labor secretary robert reich will be speaking on the steps of sproul hall, talking about class warfare. also a march down to the local
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high school and to the berkeley community college to shine the light on the problem with education in the state of california. a lot of topics. a lot of different groups, including occupy oakland protesters expected to come up and join in. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:33 now. new york officials say they will keep occupy wall street protesters out of the park they were evicted from overnight until a court order gets clarified this morning. protest evicted overnight but told by city hall they will be able to return in a few hours. at 1:00 in the morning, police cleared the tents and evicted everyone so the park could be cleaned. that lead to violent clashes between occupy protesters and police. in total police arrested 70 people who wouldn't leave the park after several warnings. protesters say they've been lied to about being able to
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come back. state assemblywoman returns to a courtroom today after pleading not guilty to a felony grand theft charge. she is accused of trying to steal $2500 worth of clothing from a san francisco neiman marcus store. security guards stopped her on october 27th, as she was leaving with a bag containing items she hadn't paid for. her spokesman says it was an honest mistake. she is free on $15,000 bail. today city leaders expected to approve using millions in public dollars on the new 49er stadium project. the council will vote on whether to use 10 million dollars in tax fun to prepare the stadium site for construction. the san jose mercury news says the cash strapped city will have to borrow six million dollars of the funding from the team. the money will be used for moving utilities and installing sidewalks in preparation for stadium construction. today the first official day of the commercial dungeness crab season.
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the start is being delayed. crab fishermen are ready to go, fishermen and buyers have not been able to come to terms on a price. last year fishermen pulled in the biggest crab haul on record but didn't like the price they got. prospects look good once the season officially kicks off. we all hope that is very, very soon. >> i'll vote for that. >> yeah. >> i'll vote for that twice. 6:35 time for a check on the forecast. good morning. have you looked outside the uplighting of the clouds, beautiful colors, pinks, yellows even a little orange and red this morning thanks to the jet stream just far enough east keeping the storms away every once in a while we get high clouds cooler this morning everywhere mountain view, los gatos warm rising keeping you a little warmer cold air sinking through the ref of our neighborhoods 12° cooler in livermore this morning to 2 in san francisco
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and san jose oakland about 7° cooler. that puts news the 30s and 40s now through -- that puts us in the 30s and 40s now through 8:00. there was thick fog earlier that is starting to lift. that will fade by noon and sunshine upper 50s half moon bay and. if low to mid 60s for rest of us by 4:00 temperatures -- temperatures will have spiked in the mid to upper 60s still mild low to mid 60s at 4:00. dry through thursday that chilly rain arrives friday another system even colder for saturday evening through sunday snow levels could be down to 3500 feet sunday. still have an accident in the concord pleasant hill area southbound 680 before burnet and concord hoping to get that cleared shortly. peninsula northbound 101 highway 84 woodside road off-ramp blocked with an
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accident no slowing on the freeway as you can see. ace number 1 reporting 5 to 10 minute delay. number 3 out of stockton is on time. no other public transit delays as you head out on this tuesday. live look at san rafael, southbound 101 moving at the limit this is lucas valley road on to north san pedro road at the limit, no problems towards central san rafael. bay bridge toll metering lights turned on now we've got a back up to the west grand overcrossing to pay your toll. 6:37 now. trading is underway on wall street. live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. here's a the big board now dow flat down eight points. we all know it is illegal to text while diving. what about when you are stopped at a stop sign? the real answer to what many think is a legal loophole in the state's texting while driving ban. are you sexually attracted
6:38 am
to young boys, underaged boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underaged boys? >> yes. >> former penn state football coach at the center of a growing sexual assault scandal talks about the charges he's facing for the first time. even as nearly a dozen new victims begin coming forward. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo student at santa clara university was not going to stand by and accept a better grade than she earned. her admission brings to light a computer hacking crime. now the fbi is involved.ñs÷s÷snc
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6:42. this afternoon california looks like it will be wet around eureka and 54. everybody else with sunshine mid to upper 60s even palm springs 74° today. 6:42. up to 10 more suspected victims are said to have come forward with claims of sexual abuse against jerry sandusky. for the first time he's speaking out denying he's a pedophile. >> say this i'm innocent of those charges. >> completely innocent and falsely accused in every aspect? >> well, i could say that you know i have done some of those
6:43 am
things. i have horsed around with kids. >> are you sexually attracted to young boys to underaged boys? >> no, i enjoy young people. i love to be around them. i, i, but no, i'm not sexually tracked to young boys. >> sandusky spoke with bob costas in a phone interview. he is charged with sexually abusing eight buys in a scandal that has rocked penn state and led to the dismissal of legendary coach joe paterno. a different scandal at a local college. fbi involved in a grade-changing crime at santa clara university. a hacker breached the database and managed to improve transcripts with a click of a mouse. >> reporter: the fbi is on the case. no word this morning about who the hacker is. student alumists, someone not even affiliated with santa
6:44 am
clara university or what the motive was. we know someone hacked into the university's network in august. that person changed the grades of more than 60 students and alumni, for the better. some minor like from a b to a b+. other swaps were big from an f to an a. changes cape to light when a student reported a grade had been wrongly changed on her transcript. other students say that speaks volumes about the character of the campus. >> it is an admirable trait for her to step forward and say that her grade was changed. that the grade was wrong. i think that says a lot about the atmosphere. >> we have some of the best students. like cheating is not an issue at this university. for the most part. >> university administrators say they've improved network security since this happened. and more safety measures are on the way. administrators do not believe students' personal information has been compromised.
6:45 am
it is just about 6:45 now. promising new research shows heart damage can be reversed using stem cell therapy in this small study there were no dangerous side expects. 16 patients got an infusion of stem cells grown from their own heart tissue weeks earlier. within a year their heart function marketedly improve. research surprised at the magnitude of improvement since traditional therapies make less of a different. a pioneering with bay area stem cell research company says it is getting out of the business. they say money problems have forced it to discontinue is stem cell research on paralyzed patients. they will eliminate 66 jobs, 40% of staff and sell o'stem cell assets to focus on developing cancer drugs.
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google getting more musical. spain getting in on europe's economic woes. >> jane king with more on that. >> hello, last week it was italy and their skyrocketing bond yields now it is france and spain that investors are worried about with spain's government facing higher borrowing costs means it is a more risky place to in the cost of insuring france's debt on the rise. wal-mart coming out with lower than expected profits. home depot boosting its forecast for the year. commerce moving a jump in retail sales forring october. dow now up by end -- not a lot of movement so far. bloomberg silicon valley index a half percent higher. announcement and google's music download service as early as tomorrow. close to an agreement to
6:47 am
secure sons from the world's biggest music company, universal. google has sent out invitations for a music event tomorrow in los angeles. being open on thanksgiving may be good for shoppers not necessarily for target employees. anthony says events having to work on thanksgiving this year and he has gathered more than 37,000 signatures in an online protest petition. he hasn't heard yet from target and fears for his job. e-mail saying it cares about the well-being of team members and works closely with them to accommodate personal scheduling needs. i'm jane king. doctors at stanford say formerly conjoined twins are recovering faster than anticipated. medical team says the two year s are expected to return to their -- the 2-year-olds are expected to return to
6:48 am
their san jose home tomorrow this was before the surgery. doctors say the girls are acting like normal 2-year-olds. >> they were both crying because they wanted the same toy. so, the parents now have two, 2-year-olds that are going to be running around the house and not together any more, but separately. >> we cannot wait to see them playing, walking and running. >> the twins are off pain medication and now learning to walk without the support of each other. their mother says they seem to be enjoying being apart that is good to hear. looks like they are doing great. fighting over toys is a good sign. >> amazing how quickly they are healing too. phenomenal. we are seeing fog and then see it go away, right? >> right faster than yesterday, a lot of sun, slightly warmer
6:49 am
this afternoon. good morning, coming up on 6:49. here's a live look at some of that haze hanging around as we look southbound from our roof cam in downtown san francisco where the temperature is about 50°. we have 49 in oakland, mid 40s throughout the bay shoreline into the south bay out at the coast even low to mid 40s in the east bay valleys upper 30s to near 40 in the north bay valleys head down to the monterey bay, temperatures around 43 to 44° even salinas, cooler 37 in gilroy, sunny, mild those are the temperatures and the sky conditions for today, dry pattern continues through thursday chilly and wet weather off and on friday, saturday and sunday. weekend not a complete wash-out at least not right now. compared to yesterday, 68 at santa rosa 66 in oakland will be one degree warmer concord 66, san jose 64, two degrees warmer than yesterday, san francisco 63.
6:50 am
fremont 65, four degrees warmer than yesterday. sunsets 4:58 this afternoon. temperatures if the mid to upper 60s east bay valleys mid 60s along the east bay shore mid 60s south bay that will spread up through the peninsula upper 50s to near 60 along the coast. as you head downtown south san francisco low to mid 60s north bay beaches upper 50s to near 60 warmer inland mid to upper 60s low to mid 60s around monterey bay inland the mid to upper 60s. tonight five along the coast into san francisco, 40s for the rest of us. -- 39 napa, 36 cloverdale for cool spot patchy fog again high pressure slowly moves about 75 miles overnight to the east that keeps the ridge closer to us and dominant through at least tomorrow then the floodgates open to this warmer -- i should say colder and wetter air mass.
6:51 am
5:00 thursday everything quiet then friday morning look at the rain move in during the morning commute into the north bay spread south across our neighborhoods throughout the afternoon tapering in the evening through saturday morning into the better part of saturday afternoon looks like it will be dry once the sunsets saturday evening rain rolls in colder of the storms comes through snow levels 3500 feet. stay in the 60s through thursday with extra clouds cooling then, friday, saturday, sunday and monday when we'll have temperatures in the mid 50s with those ever so cold chances of rain. beautiful picture, we are going to see a couple more of these take pictures are around the bay area and send them in like richard did this is an oakland hills sunset, beautiful. you can send those in by uploading or e-mail.
6:52 am
breaking news just seconds ago live shot of sky 7 hd over a coast guard rescue that is happening as we speak in the berkeley marina. three folks trapped overnight in a bet. we are not sure how this happen. traffic of a different sort. we will follow this here on abc7 news. back to pleasant hill, southbound 680 at burnet concord avenue accident still blocking right lane trying to get that out of way as you head towards walnut creek. new accident southbound 680 past brunelle blocking the -- in the median not blocking a lane slow traffic off 580 towards the pleasantton junction. drive time 680, junction at 24, 580 out of the central valley, 80 carquinez bridge into the maze about half an hour. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights on, traffic backing up
6:53 am
half the west grand over crossing. the website for the latest. here's something every should know. a state appeals court says drivers can be prosecuted for using a cell phone even if they are stopped at a red light. the ruling after a challenge to the california cell phone driving law. a man was ticketed for using a cell phone at a red light in richmond. he argued he was not violating the law because his vehicle wasn't in motion. the 2007 law bans the use of hand-held cell phones while driving. the court says the law applies even when a motorist is stopped in traffic >> a lot of people wanted to know. 6:53. today occupy oakland protester are planning a march and will join the occupy cal movement in a one-day general strike at uc berkeley. >> terry mcsweeney is live at cal where students and police clashed last week. >> reporter: they certainly
6:54 am
did. this general strike is a day long into the evening series of events. one of the events going to be professors ideally linking arms and enough showing up to surgeon the administration building and shut it -- up to surround the administration building and shut it down. another event occupy cal joined by occupy oakland to set up tents. look at what happened last week when the same tactic was tried. police moved in and tore down the tents and arrested 40 people. since that time the university has granted a.m.ness toy every person who was arrested -- amnesty, to every person who was arrested on campus. today's walk out is to bring attention to a host of issues certainly occupy wall street is the number one. also, there's a problem with the education funding in the state of california. to that end there will be a march to a local high school and community college. uc regents were scheduled to meet tomorrow and the next day in san francisco.
6:55 am
that meeting has been cancelled because of threats of violence. there are signs all over campus in morning calling for students to join in on the strike. professors are expected to join in. joining occupy cal will be some of the folks who have been staying at occupy oakland where we find amy hollyfield with that side of the story. >> reporter: good morning. for the first time in about a month look, you can see frank ogawa plaza. the whole thing, your view is not obstructed by tents or the kitchen, any of the hundreds of people who have been sleeping here. even a street washer here cleaning the plaza this morning. so, they are gone. they are still again after being cleared out yesterday morning by police. there were plenty of police officers here to keep it clear overnight. 10 officers were here watching the three protesters who did spend the night here. they did not try to pitch a tent, police say they were here to make sure another tent city doesn't pop back up. occupy oakland protesters
6:56 am
regrouped yesterday after getting kicked out of the plaza. they held a march through the streets of downtown hundreds ended up at the plaza but didn't stay overnight. they did talk about next steps. possibly taking over a vacant building or even trying to reoccupy frank ogawa plaza again. the city says it would not allow that to happen and they will keep spending money to make sure this plaza remains clear. the occupy oakland movement has already cost the city 2.4 million dollars. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:56. looking kind of . good morning quick update of our forecast, -- heading out now the fog not as thick as yesterday, 30s north bay valleys, 40s and 50s for the rest of us. mid to upper 60s this afternoon through thursday. chilly rain arrives friday. southbound 880 at burnet two right lanes blocked with this accident that has been there for sometime still yet
6:57 am
to that out slowing in the area. southbound 880 reports of a new accident towards the oakland airport left lane blocked here. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. keep track on twitter and talk about it at have a great day. we'll see you back here tomorrow.
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